Ontos Films

After having a successful career as an integrative psychologist, author (Ontos World Press), speaker and 4-time Grammy® nominated musician (Ontos Music) I am finally launching Ontos Films to tell stories that inspire, transform and heal.

While working on my Ph.D. in Jungian Psychology I spent most of my time at Carnegie Mellon University listening to lectures from international film directors and dreaming of going to film school which I finally did many decades later. My main focus and vision in all of my work is exploring the "Twilight" world between nature and culture, male and female, life and death, night and day, joy and sorrow, laughter and grief... We are living in a great time of crisis in nature and culture today - and we need new stories to heal us and guide is into a healthier relationship with nature and each other - this is my mission as a filmmaker.

The Twilight Cafe

2024 / Short

The Twilight Café is a film that explores the dark night of the soul we all encounter at one time or another in our lives. When lost, alone, and at the end of our rope, what helps us rejoin the dance of life? An unexpected, mysterious encounter between two strangers serves as a poignant reminder that we all need a soul friend to survive in this harsh and crazy world. Filmed on location on the Alabama Gulf Coast (Dauphin Island), the film is adapted from the award-winning stage play written and directed by four-time Grammy® nominee, bestselling author, retired psychologist, and new filmmaker, Michael Brant DeMaria.

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2023 / Short

A powerful moving non-dialogue (non-sync) narrative short of a young man visited by a mysterious woman who helps him learn how to live again.

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We Are Nature

2023 / Documentary / Short

We Are Nature tells the riveting story of Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria's journey from suicidal despair to being a 4-time Grammy® nominated recording artist. As a young boy suffering from surgery trauma and a near death experience he found the healing power of music, and later the healing power of nature after suffering from compassion fatigue and PTSD from his work as a child protection team psychologist.

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The Cliff

2022 / Short

Julian, a successful entrepreneur, in a pit of despair drives to a cliff to commit suicide after losing his marriage and business. Startled by a mysterious woman named Gaia looking for a 'light,' both of their fates take an unexpected turn. Original music composed and performed by 4-time Grammy® Nominee, writer/director Michael Brant DeMaria.

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