Four-Time Grammy® Nominee, Award winning composer and six-time #1 Chart topping recording artist Michael Brant DeMaria is a multi-instrumentalist whose albums and live performances touch his audience and listeners with his sincere and heartfelt music. His last 6 albums have all gone to #1 on the New Age/ZMR Chart and have stayed there for a total of 9 months. His music is regularly heard on XM/Sirius Radio, Soundscape Cable as well as cable, internet and radio stations throughout the world. Michael has won 7 ZMR Awards, including Album of the Year and is also a Native American Music Award winner. Michael was also a contributing artist and composer on the Grammy® winning children’s album All About Bullies Big and Small in the 54th Grammy® Awards. His music is heard over 1.5 million times a week around the world. Michael continues to try to express a deep sense of reverence and sacredness for the preciousness of all life and the joy and sorrow of the human journey in his music.

Michael’s love of music started early when at only seven-years-old, Michael began using music for his own healing from surgery trauma. From the beginning Michael found true joy in improvising and creating his own music. He loved how creating sounds helped him feel more alive and at times even took him to another world.


In Michael’s words

Music heals. I learned this at a young age and it continues to be a truth that guides my life in each moment. It is my ardent knowing within that we are music. A music that we don’t even fully understand. Yet, it is the metaphor that is closest to my heart and guiding metaphor for how I move through my day and life. Music, water and love flow and that is the intention and message in my music, particularly the Ontos Healing Sounds Project.

Praise for Michael’s music

"Michael’s flute melodies are exquisite. Piano and keyboard sparkle like dew on cobwebs in the dawn, fall like raindrops from leaves into eddies of swirling water or glimmer like reflected stars. Truly a river flowing over my heart."

Louisa John-Krol

Recording Artist, Blue Tree (Australia) & Prikosnovenie (France)

"Michael’s music is perfect for my yoga classes. His album The River flows perfectly from the warm up and breathing exercises through the asanas and to the restoration and relaxation during the sea. I love this album!”


Yoga Instructor

"DeMaria doesn't just string together notes or progressions; he grabs hold of the listener and tells a story in phrases and notes that speak to more than just the ears. The introspective moments are full of quiet beauty, and the more cinematic moments are reminiscent of the sort of scoring you might hear in a movie like The Last Of The Mohicans or Dances With Wolves."

Wildy's World

"Michael's flute work on this engaging music will hold your ears in the spell he's able to weave without doubt..Intimate, introspective and revealing are the best words I can use to describe what he does through his flute!"

Improvijazzation Nation

“Michael Brant DeMaria has outdone himself with Maiden of Stonehenge. Every note, whisper of flute, chant, drum beat and ethereal breath is a composition worthy of a master…The flute playing, ethereal sounds and chanting will whisk you away to a vacation of the mind and if you are like me, you won’t want to come back. 5 Stars”

Dana Wright

Muzik Reviews

“Michael never fails to surprise and delight...Listeners will experience an uplifting fantasy journey in the melodic world of The Maiden of Stonehenge.”

Michael Diamond

Awareness Magazine

"As with all of Dr. DeMaria’s projects, the music is soothing, enchanting, and powerfully emotional… Michael Brant DeMaria has created another masterpiece sure to win another series of awards.”

Kathy Parsons

Mainly Piano

“Siyotanka has an elegiac feel, that undeniable aura of being lost in time and space…This album also functions well as a highly atmospheric soundscape and a relaxing way to wind down at the end of the day.”

Borderland Music Watch

UK (England)

“DeMaria’s flute playing is rich, resonant and poignant…these are heartfelt, soul-touching sounds.”

Keys and Chords

The Netherlands

“Well crafted and full of spirit, DeMaria's music touches your mind through passages that feel like your brain is being massaged.”

Improvijazzation Nation

"DeMaria brings discernible cinematic overtones to his layered keyboards and echoed piano, sometimes accompanied by haunting and plaintive flute melodies. By turns, meditative, serene, subtly dark, and softly mysterious, Ocean is an immersive album."

Bill Binkelman

Zone Music Reporter

"Ocean...plunges us into a sea of tranquility, repose and well being - the sounds ply our body with quiet, hypnotic and ethereal themes, full of mystery...creating a landscape of exceptional beauty. It is a pleasure to hear this work that seeks the softening of our very being and allows us to venture into magical worlds away from our stressful day to day lives."

A Ultima Fronteira

"There is an epic scale to Michael’s album, almost symphonic on some tracks and highly orchestrated - and all performed by one man!... Drift in your floatation tank to this and you will be truly in space..."

Borderland Music Watch

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